You want the best method of rehabilitating your home, love, and relationships? Now you have the best love ‘epistle’ from one of the world Apostles of Love, Timi Dakolo! There are so many animalistic behaviours every lover can blame it upon when it comes to relationship Palava – infidelity, promiscuity, self-imposition, dogmatism, and wilfulness, what more have you? These stand in the gap of understanding and genuine love between ‘used to be’ adorable couples and the then love-birds. What must have gone wrong that the pronounced ‘ONE’ now stand as different two with separate interests? Couples are now parting ways in what is supposed to be a small cubicle of love.

See, I have not come to heap blames and, if for that reason you have read this article, I have never written. I think the pasts are so called because they are meant to exist behind us and moving on is one of the perfect reasons God gave the brain and the legs. Honestly, I do not want to sound histrionically or too epigrammatic for your understanding. But for as much as I can, I want to simply put it across to all ONEs splitting into separate twos that problems are things you can do nothing to prevent from arising but can always do something to solve.

The good news is, one of the simplest things to do in order to prevent the wall of genuine relationship from falling apart is to confess it. Confess LOVE! Apostle Dakolo realises the falling walls of so many relationships and decides to proffer a melodious solution that can help rehabilitate homes, if genuinely rendered. You may not have the sonorous voice to convey this message of reconciliation to him or her. It does not matter. You can say the words in sincere clarity. You can even write it a letter to them. All is well and good. What matters most is the sincerity of heart. The lyric is below; I hope it works for you…
“IYAWO MI” by Timi Dakolo
Like an angel in the morning
Shoots its stars across the night
The most beautiful girl I’ve seen in all my life
Every second, spent with you
Is like the day that starts brand new
Girl I’m so amazed in all the things you do
Yes I want to be my whole world around you
So I promise you forever and for always
Girl you are my sunshine baby don’t you go away

Iyawo mi, ololufe mi
Ore mi, alayo mi
I would love you forever (X2)

I hear music in the words
And in the way you call my name
When you are by my side, I can do anything
You are my best friend, you’re my lover
Without you no one else will do
Through thick and thin, I know we’ll make it through
Yes I want to build my whole world around you
So I promise you forever and for always
Girl, you are my sunshine, baby don’t you go away

My baby, my baby
In you, I’m a sunshine
My lover, my essence
There’s no one like you (X2)

My sugar, my honey, my lover
And I will love forever
My baby, my lover and my best friend
I will love you forever
I’ll place no woman above you
I will love forever
I promise to always love you, baby
I will love you forever
And there’s no one, no other girl like you
I will love you forever more
Forever and ever and ever more
I will love you forever
Cos you are my baby, mu sunshine, my…
I will love you forever
And when there’s nothing more to say
I will love you forever.                     
Forever and ever and ever and ever
I will love you forever
-The End-