Chuks was never a cool-headed man. There was a day, at the bar, when he asked me to sit right at a spot and never move. I complied and would not but for a guy who came close to me and politely asked where the gent’s of the club was. I pointed to the direction without a word but Chuks caught the glimpse of the guy, patting me on the back to say, “Thanks”.  He, furiously, left the slot he was dancing with and gave me a slap so loud that even the D.J had to stop the music to ask, 
‘who shot the gun?’. Many marveled at his attitude and chorused all sorts of blame on him. I couldn’t hear much of it, though, because I was already long gone on the ground with no consciousness. I came back around after twenty minutes, still on the ground with my clothes, drenched with cold water.One of the guys I noticed over me stooped to lift me up and set me on the nearest couch.

            They waited for me to fully regain my consciousness before they chased us both out of the club. We drove home in silence as I wondered what I had done to deserve such treatment. Then he drop
ped me off at my apartment and didn’t utter a sound as he drove off.

I was on my bed, the following morning, when Tamara, my squattee, came to call me for Chuks. 

“Hey! Morning…your boo is out there waiting…” she whispered

“Who?” I asked as I stretched

“Chuks, of course…better don’t keep him waiting” she included as I turned to wrap up my pajamas.
“What!!!...what happened to your face?” she exclaimed with fear.
“Where?” I pretended as if I didn’t know.

“I mean your face is red swollen! Was it an accident or what?” she inquired.

“Yes…yes…it was a slight accident. I hit my face on the wall at the club. I think I must have been drunk or something…” I lied because they all already knew how Chuks battered me like aso ofi.

“Are you sure?” she asked, suspiciously.
“Oops! Chucks is waiting. Let’s do this later” I ran out of the bed in pretence and dressed quickly in order to avoid being caught by my friend. 

“Just be careful o!” her voice faded behind me as I ran out to meet Chuks.