Reasons Why an African Lady should know how to cook before Marriage

Though, dexterity in cooking does not guarantee complete happiness in marriage, however, it plays a great role in African homes than other continents. Most usually, in the western world, no one seems to care whether or not a lady knows how to cook. On the contrary, in Africa, knowing how to cook is part of the imperative preparation for marriage as a young lady. Failure to prepare well may lead to chaos in marriage, depriving the participants' maximum happiness as dreamed. Below are some of the reasons why an African lady should know how to cook well before setting how for this journey of no return:

         The road to a man's heart is most usually his throat

It has been revealed through science and researches that 99% of healthy men love food and appreciate
good meal. In African culture, a wife would prepare good meal for her children and husband as one of her duties in marriage. Good meal also is a great tool in the hand of a woman to get whatever she desires from her husband. A married African man is expected to come straight home, after the day's work and be served the good meal by her wife. But if such a wife cannot cook well, not knowing how to apply the ingredient correctly, such marriage may suffer.

   You cannot afford to lose him to a booker or restaurant

It has recently been found out that even some married men now have their lunch packs from home because they cannot afford to eat outside. Such men might be doing it before they got married but because in African culture, it is expected of a responsible married man to eat at home from his wife's pot. Therefore, it will take a woman that does not know how to cook good meal to send her man back to booker. If that, peradventure, be the case, it may cost you your marriage. To avoid this, you should learn how to do it better.

         What you give as impression to his friends and relatives matters

Remember that he is an African who has African family and friends. Don't be completely relaxed about him telling you never to worry, even if you don't know how to cook. Have you noticed that a man can too love drunk to consider some moral decadence of his wife-to-be in courtship? Maybe because he was not considering friends and family in the nearest future, but the day he will invite his friends for diner or relatives for holidays, you may not end happy with their impression towards you. You may be tagged foul names, mocked or even be rejected. You would not want to experience this, therefore, learn, now that you can

·         What you give as impression to your own friends and relatives also matters

Even you own people, as African will complain at you cooking and may avoid coming to spend time at your place, not to talk of allowing their children. No one prays to be all alone. Neighbors and friends will gossip and make mockery of you.

·         It will tell on your children

Under normal circumstances, a good cook should be able to make a good cook. In Africa, the place of home training is yet to be complete without knowing how to cook. Even if you get a cook as maid to help at home, will your children be submissive to a maid? That is why you should know how to cook to be able to train your children well.

·         Your marriage arsenals are your bedroom and your kitchen

The bedroom and kitchen are the two strong holds that protect marriage from falling when they are been manage well by a wise woman. Bedroom is for mutual intercourse, while the kitchen is the factory that produces the nutrients that keep the body and soul together. A wife that does not know how to cook has rendered one of her marriage strong rooms vulnerable for attack. A strange woman who knows how to cook better may infiltrate your arsenal and lunch an attack that may destroy your home. Be wise.

·         Your husband is liable to cheat on you, even with your closest friend; you will be greatly          disappointed.

A woman that cannot prepare good meal has already opened the road to her husband's heart to another woman or women out there. Have you not noticed that a part of a woman goes into what she cooks and breeds connection between her and whoever she cooks for? No wonder there is bound to be difference in taste when two or more women are given the same type of meal to cook with same ingredient. Majority of those who allow their maids to cook for their husbands always end up losing them to the maids. You wouldn't want to be the next victim.

·         You are expected to be better than his mother

You know you are taken over his consumption from his mother, therefore, more is expected from you. You cannot afford to just place any kind of meal before a man who has been nurtured well with good meal from his childhood. Such would appreciate better cook than his mother, nothing less.