To build a thing may take decades but to destroy what is built takes no time. So is building trust in a relationship. Many often lose it even before they start building their relationship. Trust should be the solid foundation every successful and happy relationship hinges on. However, if you’ve lost trust in your relationship, rebuilding it may take patience and energy. Get to know how to build enduring trust in your relationship with the tips below.



A marriage needs both physical and emotional intimacy to maintain healthy relationship. More importantly, when a couple steps up on their intimacy, they will automatically improve their communication level and be able to manage their conflict to a bearable level. If you are finding this a little difficult to achieve with your spouse, follow the tips below to improve on the level of intimacy in your marriage.


5 Ways to Improve Your Habit to Bring on the SPARK in Your Marriage

Is your sexual drive towards your spouse depleting since you’ve been seen the same person all along the years? Well it’s bound to occur because of human brain chemistry. Your brain chemistry, when you newly got married was never going to be the same as now.  It is normal for the sexual excitement to fade a little. However, this does not call for infidelity. Therefore, it is important and possible to bring that special spark between you two on as always as possible.

Do you complain about feeling sexually bored in your marriage? Though, you guys are perfectly comfortable with each other, but the excitement and passion are nowhere to be found between you.


Knowing the Right Time to go for Counselling on Your Marital Problems

Couples often appear before marriage counsellors at eleven-forty-five hour, when their marital problem has grown to a full problematic image. Unfortunately, counsellors might not be able to handle such cases in much expected short time because it’s a problem that should have been brought in for proper counselling long before now. It’s supposed to have been escalated for long, but many consider such problem as “normal” because they believe they are not the only ones experiencing it. They would say, ‘We didn’t realize we needed counselling’.

So how do you know when your marriage is experiencing “normal” challenges or when you need to go to counselling? Well, here’s a few tips.

Consider how frequently it occurs

Remember, time is not always friendly. The first thing to do is check how frequently this issue has been occurring between you and your spouse. If the problem in your marriage last for two months or more then you both might need to see a counsellor. You really need to act fast because if you permit it further, it is likely to persist and become a curse. Though, sometimes it may not be all the issues that last that long need escalation, but it’s better to seek help from the right source to keep your


10 Ways to Know He is the Right Man for You

It’s always wise to know you are not making mistake in the choice of the right person for you to marry as a lady. Like someone would say, marriage has four gears: gear one, two, three and four. All for acceleration, no reverse. Therefore, marriage shouldn’t be a thing you back-out from. However, living with the wrong person in marriage is worse than hell. Do I have a witness to that fact? The more reason you should note these signs in your man before you finally knot the tie.

1.       He is always your biggest fan.
Is he? When you achieve or do something worthy of note, does he celebrate you or show no sign of interest? If he is the right one for you, he will boastfully talk of your prowess to his colleagues at work; friends at party; siblings and family at home. He will make heroine of you at every exceptional performance of yours, even when others would not notice. He is the type that makes a big deal of your promotion at work and other achievements anywhere, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be to you or others.