5 Ways to Improve Your Habit to Bring on the SPARK in Your Marriage

Is your sexual drive towards your spouse depleting since you’ve been seen the same person all along the years? Well it’s bound to occur because of human brain chemistry. Your brain chemistry, when you newly got married was never going to be the same as now.  It is normal for the sexual excitement to fade a little. However, this does not call for infidelity. Therefore, it is important and possible to bring that special spark between you two on as always as possible.

Do you complain about feeling sexually bored in your marriage? Though, you guys are perfectly comfortable with each other, but the excitement and passion are nowhere to be found between you. When it comes to this, it is very important to pay close attention to some of your daily habits to help bring on the lost passion and excitement. Changing some of your habitual routine can make a huge difference on your perspective about yourself and spouse and your relationship.

Check what you wear at home

If the same way you suit to office or party is the same you dress at home, it may not be helping the matter with your marriage. The way you dress before your friends and colleague should be different from when you are alone with your spouse. Think back to when you were on honey moon. Do you remember that you selectively chose what would turn your spouse on, why now? When was the last time you shop for new undies, just as you do for parties, to bring on the fun in your marriage? You care more about how you look to friends and colleagues but never care to look appealing to your spouse always. Therefore, to bring the fun on, you don’t have to wear office attire around the house.

Date each other again and again

Schedule some date nights with your spouse. Get to agree on date nights or lunch dates at favorite restaurants. Take a walk and hold hands just the way you used to do when dating. Try and plan well on your outfit, don’t dress casual. You can make it more presidential, just something to remember in your marriage. Date night enables you to focus on yourselves and do away with distraction.

Keep physically fit

Exercise is one of the key ways to keep fit and look more attractive. Keeping in shape and figure can keep you attractive to your spouse. This will keep you guys interested in each other. Many complain of time and energy when it comes to exercise. Consequently, they deteriorate in shape and appear unhealthy. I would advise you to change your lazy habit towards exercising your body to maintain a healthy lifestyle which, in return, can improve your self-confidence, energy level and more importantly, sex appeal.

Try and exercise with your spouse. Go to gym or run or walk together to help you connect emotionally. Exercise helps you recharge your batteries and keep you both attractive and energetic sexually.

Pay close attention to your eating habit

It will be wise to check what you eat and drink. Don’t just eat what comes your way. Place a watch on what you drink too. It may either transform or deform you physically or emotionally. Consuming too much sugar and junks is not always good for the body. This may cause reduction in your sexual performance and even expose you to diseases. Eating balanced diet will make you feel more energetic and vibrant which can help increase the sexual energy in your marriage.

Be positive About Yourself 

Inferiority complex is a great enemy for self-actualization. If you can pay attention to the way you think about yourself, you will be able to change the negative side of it. If you feel you are not attractive, you can never be to your spouse. Therefore, feeling good about yourself is one of the keys to getting your spouse feel good about you too.

Do not complain about your look in the presence of your spouse. Don’t say, “I am too fat”, “I look ugly”, “I am not attractive anymore.” as this may have negative effect on your spouse. Keep getting fit but don’t wait until you are model-size before you begin to feel good about yourself.