Love is not a mere feeling. It is a decision about how we will behave and treat people.

We usually give our spouses the responsibility of making us happy rather than to make them happy, in the process, neither one ends up happy.

We should always count the cost to see if we have what it takes to finish a thing before we begin it.

I think one of the reasons why so many people are emotionally controlled is simply because nobody has ever fully explained to them that their feelings are part of their beings and should not be allowed to be their boss

God gives us things (relationships) in seed form and we must work with the Holy Spirit to bring them to full maturity.

Taking the time to really think about what people are going through in their particular situations helps us to have compassion.

You can feel close to people if you would choose to open your heart to them and if you are willing to go through the difficulties we all encounter when developing good relationships.

The ability to connect with others cannot happen if one of the parties is trying to control the other.

The pain of loneliness and isolation is much worse than the pain of relationship

As long as you believe, God keeps working out your relationship.
Hurting people hurts people.

Feeling hatred and unforgiveness is like taking poison and hoping it will kill your enemy.

Why? If you want to forgive why is it so difficult to do so? The culprit is emotion

Any time is a good time.

Remember that you feelings don’t convey truth, only God’s Word does

Actually, courage is said to be progress in the presence.

Nothing changes just because you read a book. It’s what you do with the knowledge you gain from reading the book that will lead to change.

Gaining a victory is more difficult than maintaining it once you have it

If you want to give the devil a nervous breakdown, just get up every day and see how much good you can do.

Not even the injustice of others gives us the right to inflict pain on them. God says clearly that vengeance is His and our position is to be one of faith in Him, waiting patiently and lovingly as He works justice in our lives.

Although, we cannot use ‘personally type’ as an excuse for a bad temper, it is wise to realize that different people do handle conflict differently.

The three most harmful negative emotions are anger, guilt and fear. And anger is number one.

Trusting that God has a good plan for us, and our steps are ordered by Him is the key to preventing disappointment from turning into despair.

Learn not to ask yourself how you feel about things, but instead ask yourself if doing or not doing something is right for you.

The reason you act the way you act is because you think the way you think.