Grace is the power of the Holy Spirit coming to us freely, enabling us to do with ease what we could never do on our own.

Our worth and value are in the fact that Jesus died for us. God saw you as being valuable so He gave His best. He gave His only Son to purchase your freedom from the bondage of sin and guilt.

People may say they are free to do whatever they want, but a truly free person is free to live in Obedience to God and to refrain from doing what they want to do, if they know their action will damage someone else.

Why are we more comfortable feeling bad about ourselves than feeling good? Is it because we focus on our faults and rarely even glance at our strength? We punish ourselves for our failures, but rarely celebrate our victories.

If we allow others to make us feel guilt, they soon learn how to manipulate us by using our weakness to get what they want.

Guilt can be from a real or imagine misdeed.

We cannot assume because we feel a certain way that those feelings are telling us the truth. In other words, just because I feel guilty does not mean I am guilty. Likewise, I may not feel guilty but yet I have committed sin.

Guilt is a sense of responsibility concerning something negative that has befalling others or yourself.

Living without the constant companion of guilt if ecstasy, it is wonderful and it is available to all who will believe.