Chuks was a man so handsome that I couldn’t resist his proposal, the day he asked me to marry him. We had known each other just for a few months but it was as if I would die if he had refused to say, “Would you be my wife?” I dreaded his departure for another woman's alms and so I did all I could to lure him to say those words that slit a fairly expensive engagement ring on my left middle finger. It was beside the pool at Agodi gardens, Ibadan. It caught me unaware, though I had been the one stimulating him, I never expected it to occur at one of the most beautiful places I loved. 

I had heard my friends discuss how they all got their surprise proposals – most were in eateries while few were at shopping mall. Guys can be crazy, you know? However, where I got proposed to by Chuks added a feather to my hat when I shared the gist with my friends. I bet they all envied me. Some even wished they had not got proposed to, so they could choose places, but I doubt if there are guys that tell when or where to their ladies. Don’t mind my friends; they could be funny at times. I loved Chuks, his height, seductive smiles and the fact that no girl would see him once and never look again.

             Before I got engaged to him, I was never satisfied with being one of his girlfriends. Just like Oliva, I wanted more. However, after I got engaged to him, I became more afraid he might changed his mind, so I speed up our wedding with luring pressures which he later consented to and we got married. During our courtship, there were so much weird attitudes of his towards me but I never mind. I had got beaten up severally, both physically and mentally, but would not mind. To me, it was a kind of race or competition between me and other girls who I feared might want to take Chuks away from me. So I had to endure. Even when my friends told me he was not good for me, I refused to heed their advice. I would always say that he would change in marriage