Seriously, emotion can be really crazy …or maybe those it holds up to craziness sha. A wise woman once said and I quote,
“So many people do not realise that emotion is just a part of their being, not the whole of their being, and should not be allow to rule their entire being”

What is she saying? Emotion can be dangerous and many at times, it is better left to lie than wake; just like the sleeping dog. You see, the issue with so many of us is that we tend to trust the judgement given by emotion, a little part of our member, than our reasoning. No wonder anybody could go contrary to the law of the land, just to play subservience to mere ‘feeling’. 

Many do not realise that it is not how we feel a thing is but how it really is. There is a clear difference between the world of emotion and that of the real world of reasonableness. No wonder feelings are often times not right. 

I am talking about picking up past broken relationship. Let’s make something glaring here, a guy or girl who broke your heart in the past for some sort of reasons could do the same again and again, and what made you write on your Facebook, Twitter or Istagram timeline, “at long last, my love has come around” could return you back behind the bars of, “Love is wicked…I regret ever meeting you again”. 

This should be blamed on emotion. But, seriously, should we allow our emotion to control us, knowing full well that it’s just a part of the whole of us? Should we allow it lord itself on us? No! Since I was born, but now I am very much older, I have never seen a car drive its driver. If there be any at all, I rather you go check the deep ditch by the road for dead bodies.

Let the sleeping dog lie. Don’t try to resuscitate what already lie in the state. What caused the pitfall could reoccur more than again. Reasonable guys don’t change; emotional ones do. Relationship experience is like a flowing river, only a fool would want to experience the same part twice.

If I were you, I would just move on! Yes, some would say, “the already known devil is better than the angel yet unknown” but I would say the best does not always come until you have experienced all the rest.
Let the past lie behind, you have a future to catch up with!

Don’t try to invite the past into your present so as not to lose what the future holds for you. When your relationship fails, you have not failed but have just learnt of one of the relationships that will never lead to marriage.