You know, when people become senseless and life becomes useless, we won’t stop to wright the wrong into a story. This isn’t to bore anyone but to bole deep into the skull of those that would not think creativity has its originality in the writer’s idle five minutes of madness, to holes out wisdom for the simple to drink. No writer should stop righting the socio-ethical breakdown of his people whether high or low strategically. As the saying goes, no ram dies, head-booting the right spot on its opponent. Moreover, nothing actually kills more than cowardice silence. The timid had even died ten times before their death. So, if you say, you will die and even when you refuse to, everybody must surely travel beyond when due.

To speak with nothing in mind is blabbing but to express with a purpose at heart is tactical wisdom. Not everybody is wise; even a fool can be intelligent. The difference between them is the correct application of knowledge derived. It takes only patience to know a pair of foolish lips but wisdom is like a raw gold, yet to be refined. It takes the wise to discern wisdom. Much ado is not the trait of every epigram, though short, as it is, leaves the head hanging in cogitation. 

A man once lived beside the lake in a small hut. He lived alone but happy. He went out every morning to embrace nature around him and came back to his very small hut at evening. He could understand every expression of birds, flower and other wildlife in the forest very close to his abode.  As he went out as usual, one morning, he found a lonely bird drowning. Without hesitation, he quickly jumped into the lake and rescued her. The bird could not thank him enough for saving her from drowning.

The man became no longer lonely because of the company of the little bird. When the bird was finally asked one night how she got into the lake alone, she narrated that it was a competition among her pairs to fly across the lake but because she had been told she would never succeed by her friends, she was afraid at the middle of the race and so she fell right into the lake.

She said, “I knew it. I knew my strength, they were all right about me.” dejected as she sunk into the chair.

“Oh…you shouldn’t talk like that; everybody is distinctively made by the Creator. You are not weak, but only afraid to exhibit your special potential but don’t worry, I am here for you now.” The man said.

“Hmmm…your words are balm unto my broken heart. I thought I would never experience love again because even among my kind, I was lonely and rejected.” She said with a glow on her face.

The night, that day was filled with unexplainable warmth for both as they both sunk into deep sleep. As days rolled past, each forgot their lonely days and became knitted into each other. The once lonely and afraid birds began to soar beyond and above her contemporaries because she was now confident in the love the man had for her. She could express herself and break unexplainable limits.

She became the talk among the birds and many envied her. Some would say, she was proud because she had found true love. And before she knew it, the set of friends she kept, that made her fall into the lake, came back and disguised as repented ones. She trusted them and began to innocently keep with their company.

She briskly told the man how she had been able to regain the allegiance of her friends but the man through experience told her to be careful and sensitive to the wiles of her friends but she would not take the man serious. 

Her friends thought of where to start with her, and they resolved to first dissociate her from her source of love and confidence. They began by inciting her against her true love -- the man.

They said, “Don’t you think you are too good for the man? Look at you, you are famous among the birds; the finest when it comes to racing and eloquent in speech. What can the man offer than to wander round the wood aimlessly every day? If he was good in the human race, he won’t be lonely here in the forest.”

She said, “It’s never occurred to me all that you guys are revealing to me now. Do you know that he is happier because of me? He even would always say that he is the happiest, having me and that he could not imagine what his life would have been without me?” 

“You see what we are telling you?” they chorused

“…but what would you guys have me do because I think am tired of the man’s paranoia; he would always tell me to be careful of this and that.” She gullibly said.

“Maybe you should leave his abode and come and join our nest. You will need nothing, remember that all the birds have already loved and respected you.” they cunningly uttered 

She agreed and came out complaining at the man’s several warning on her ignorance to the sly of her friends. She finally left before the man arrived for his daily roam. She triumphantly told her friends the story of how she left the man and even imagined comically how lonely and helpless the man would be at her departure. 

It was not so long that she began to realise the hostility of her friends. At every competition, they would threaten her that if she dare become the winner as she used to, she would be ejected from their nest and be left stranded out there in the cold. She became lonelier and more afraid and before she could realise what was going on with her, she had lost friends, fans and her honour because she was no longer up to expectation. 

She decided within herself one day to go back to the man. She deliberately left for the man’s house when he would be in the forest. When she arrived, she, unfortunately, met her used to be well-beautified cage occupied by another bird. More dejected, she left and was left with nowhere to go. She became a vagabond.