Aside from the fact that traditional means of treating infections and ailment is cheap, it is also very accessible and capable. It’s so much amazing the wonders that BANANA peels can perform on the skin. We already know that banana peels, when dried and crushed into powder substance can be used to whiten decay teeth. Below are other amazing facts discovered about banana peel and our skin treatment.

·         Fresh banana peels can be used to clean one’s face to remove oil from oily face. The difference between the oily and dry faces is that the oily is easily prone to facial infections than the dry face. However, when the interior or endocarp of fresh banana peels is rubbed on the face and left for about 30mins. before you sets out for work in the morning and repeated at night for 3days, your face will be restored and mildly dried.

·         It can be used to remove black spot. It is the leopard that does not change its spot, not ladies. Rather than use foundation to hide your spots, why not eradicate them completely? It takes no stress! Just apply twice everyday till you are satisfied with its complete eradication. Remember, it has to be fresh peels.