A marriage needs both physical and emotional intimacy to maintain healthy relationship. More importantly, when a couple steps up on their intimacy, they will automatically improve their communication level and be able to manage their conflict to a bearable level. If you are finding this a little difficult to achieve with your spouse, follow the tips below to improve on the level of intimacy in your marriage.

Create Quality Time with Your Spouse

Not all the times spent with one’s spouse is appreciated or enjoy. Create time for your spouse with, paying attention to their needs and presence. Unfortunately, many at times that we claim to be with our spouses, what we do more is pay attention to our phone or other gargets. To be bodily present with one’s spouse is not enough. You have to give them the whole of your mental and emotional attention. Discuss your day, your life, and your plans together. Listen attentively and enjoy each other’s warm company.

Spice Things Up with Love Notes

Inscribe beautiful words about your spouse on a sticky paper and paste it right on the mirror in your bathroom where she/he must look before going out to work. Send a short message to her phone before she arrives back from work. Leave a note in his pants pocket or on his brief case. This romantic gesture can spark up your intimacy again.

Surprise Your Spouse with Gift

In doing this, you must be very observant at your spouse’s needs. Then surprise him/her with gifts that cover these needs. Don’t just reserve gifts for special days like birthday and wedding anniversary, make every day count with your gift. It doesn’t matter how much the magnitude of your gifts, what matters most in your loving intention. Let it be felt that they are coming from a sincere heart of love.

Offer Sincere Appreciation

Be sincere enough to celebrate your spouse’s well doing with a simple ‘thank you, love’. It goes a long way. Always offer words of appreciation, no matter how insignificant the kind gesture is. Make your affirmation positive always and enjoy doing this.

Get Yourselves to Try Something New Together

Take the great step to try something non-conventional in your marital life. Spice up your sexual and romantic life. Take courses together and attend seminar. Try new places or business. Take a new risk and make sure you have each other’s back. Doing things together can help step up your intimacy.

Date Other Couples Together

By now you should have come a long way in your marital experience to know couples that are great together. Those whom their marriage is relatively perfect. Therefore, you and your spouse can go on a date together with them and learn through practical experience. Do this several times together to learn what and what is helping to boost their intimacy. When you date couples that are in healthy relationship, it surely will strengthen your bond too.  

Increase Your Touch

Be romantic and affectionate with your spouse. You don’t have to withhold your touch until you both are sexually ready for each other. Tap her butt. Gently lay your hand on his chest and play with it. Hold hands. Grab your spouse from behind and carry her to the car, not to bed only. This will help you get knitted into each other more.