To build a thing may take decades but to destroy what is built takes no time. So is building trust in a relationship. Many often lose it even before they start building their relationship. Trust should be the solid foundation every successful and happy relationship hinges on. However, if you’ve lost trust in your relationship, rebuilding it may take patience and energy. Get to know how to build enduring trust in your relationship with the tips below.

1. Get to know your spouse, don’t sneak on them

You should learn to spend quality time together to help you grow together in understanding and love. Don’t sneak on them based on information or speculation. Know your spouse personally by spending quality time with each other. By so doing, you both will bridge some gap of differences and nurture, instead, a loving and lasting bond of trust.

2. Be true to your words

To achieve trust in your relationship, there should not be variableness in your words. Whether convenient or not, you are expected to stay true to your promises. Avoid giving excuses always. Try to always show up on time on your date with your spouse. Don’t just change agreed destination without a prior notice to your spouse. Maintain a ‘yes or no’ response in integrity. For instance, if you promise to be home in twenty minutes, you need to arrive home just the exact time. Proving to your spouse that you are reliable in deeds can greatly build lasting trust between you both.

Also, this should not be with your spouse alone. It she cut across your relationship with everyone around you. If you promise your colleague to help him fix his computer, make sure you don’t come up with excuses later.

3. Try to walk the talk

This means you should always try to practice what you preach. Don’t live a lie. If you walk the talk, you will always show your spouse that you are trustworthy. If you preach a principled kind of life, live it and let people trust you for whom you are. Let your spouse be able to say a particular thing about you and people will find it so. If you claim to hate infidelity, don’t cheat also. If you love sincerity, don’t lie. Stick to your believe and create a standard for your spouse to trust you. Lead a live of quality human value. Don’t be hypocritical.   

4. Accept your blame and take to correction

The only person that is fun to stay with is the one that is always ready to accept his blame and takes to correction. Such would easily take responsibility for their behavior and be ready to make amend. If you would not be ashamed to own up your mistakes, however, if you are the type that either blame others or make out excuses for your misdeeds, you may never earn your spouse’s trust.  Your honesty and integrity can be tested through your ability to accept responsibility for your misdeeds.

When you’ve committed a mistake, it is of great quality to be honest. Tell the truth. Apologize and beg forgiveness. However, it’s important to make sure you are truly sorry for your behaviors, and not just sorry you got caught.

5. Treat your spouse the way you would love to be treated

To build enduring trust, you and your spouse must be safe talking about your feelings. For this to be achieved, you need to treat your spouse with love and respect, just the way you would love to be treated.  This will really go a long way in building a dependable and trusting marriage.

It is important you show your spouse that you care by showing concern, sympathy and empathy when necessary. Don’t be too emotionally indifferent to their cry. Pay genuine attention with love and be willing to support each other. This will afford your spouse the comfort of opening up to you always and, more importantly, trusting your judgement.

The ability to put your spouse’s needs first is also a catalyst to building trust. Show your spouse you are dependable and that you can be banked upon anytime, any day.