10 Ways to Know He is the Right Man for You

It’s always wise to know you are not making mistake in the choice of the right person for you to marry as a lady. Like someone would say, marriage has four gears: gear one, two, three and four. All for acceleration, no reverse. Therefore, marriage shouldn’t be a thing you back-out from. However, living with the wrong person in marriage is worse than hell. Do I have a witness to that fact? The more reason you should note these signs in your man before you finally knot the tie.

1.       He is always your biggest fan.
Is he? When you achieve or do something worthy of note, does he celebrate you or show no sign of interest? If he is the right one for you, he will boastfully talk of your prowess to his colleagues at work; friends at party; siblings and family at home. He will make heroine of you at every exceptional performance of yours, even when others would not notice. He is the type that makes a big deal of your promotion at work and other achievements anywhere, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be to you or others.

2.       He would rather sacrifice than take advantage of you.
Which have you noticed of him? Is he the type that is ready to give all at his own expense or only subscribes to ideas that favour him? When you guys decide on some hard choice in your relationship, which is always at the receiving end? You or He? A man that is ready to reasonably give up his desires to cater for yours should never be allowed to slip pass your life. Keep him.

3.       You Nurture and share the same Value and idea about almost everything.
In the choice of whom to marry, compatibility matters a bunch. You cannot afford to force a square peg in a round hole. No, it never works that way. Have you ever thought about what you guys share in common? Do both love the idea of raising kids, relocating to Los Vegas, vacation, and many more? Has it ever occurred so coincidentally that you both wore the same colour of shirt out without prior notice? What about the fact that the idea you share is exactly what he is thinking? This makes you agree so conveniently because you are ever on the same page. If that’s the case with your relationship, you are with him! 

4.       He loves the idea of spending the rest of his life with you than work.
Is he the type that looks forward to the day he would have you all to himself? Does he call you more than you eat? How many times have you excused your friends to receive his calls? When he is away, does it really look like someone is away? Does he say, ‘I miss you’ with all sincerity? These should be what you look out for in him before you decide.

5.       He respects your opinion
Does he consult you on every matter or think or decide what is right for you? The right man would not assume on your take in every decision. He would carry you along and make you know everything, even about his next moves. The right man would not think a woman is weaker vessel but the better half of his.  

6.       He trusts you and you trust him more
It is true that love is built around trust. It is very impossible to love whoever you refuse to trust. When trust is a common thing in your relationship, you can be sure he is the one. The right man would believe all that comes from you and would not try to find out elsewhere.

7.       He will be your shoulder when you cry.
Ladies love it when a man is a protector – a huge wall of emotional defense. A man that is ready to be there when you cry. A man that is full of compassion and understanding. He will not think weakness of your tears but would be there always to wipe them off your face. He will always be the right person to illuminate and brighten your face again with happiness. With him, there is no emotional breakdown. If you’ve got such man, be nice to him!

8.       He cares about your people.
Does he care to know how kindly you relate with your friends and family? Is he the type that makes your parents his? Does he care your father, Daddy? Does he find it fun coping along with your pals? Does he offer to help relieve an aggrieved relative or friend by sending you over or inviting them in? If this is what he enjoys doing, without constraint, he might be the right person for you.

9.       With him, you are not ashamed to fumble.
Do you feel comfortable being with him? Do you freely express yourself without minding blunder, or appearing bizarre, whenever you are with him? Do you feel more at home being with him? Does his company make you be yourself? He is not the one that is ashamed of your mistakes but corrects with love and understanding. Then you should give him the key to your room.

10.   Through him, you see the future.

He becomes your panorama to seeing the super woman you may likely become marrying a kind of man like him. With him, you can perceive of yourself a better parent, professional in your choice of field and super model for all. This is because he motivates you and always keeps his standard as a man. He does not nag and he is ready to say sorry when he goes wrong. He is honest and strictly keeps to that. And above all, he fears God and encourages others to do the same.