11 Ways to Keep Your Man so into You

It has become a trend that men have to lose interest in their wives after a year. Such a trend has made men infidels because they no longer enjoy the company of their once sexy and inviting ladies. No wonder divorce papers are selling fast in our societies. What must have caused this marital hurricane? There is so much to it but one of the principal causer factor is that ladies are, often times, no longer appealing to their men again. They no longer see reason why they must always look attractive to their men. However, the ladies out there, who snatch their men, are not using any voodoo than being seductive and appealing always.  

Therefore, to keep your man glued, and interested in you, ladies, you need to take on the role of a seducer, just the way you did it when you guys were courting, so as to enslave him, and make him fall in love with you again and forever.
Below are few secrets to make your man emotionally vulnerable, so that you can hold the reins of your relationship, and keep him begging for more.

1.       Play “Come and Get Me, if You can” with Your Dressing at Home
Many ladies would dress more like a masquerade, covering every part of their body before their men. How do you look appealing or seductive in such manner? To get him running after you like a he-goat, you must dress seductively. Dress loosely and pretend you did not see him gaze. Bend over to show him that you did not wear anything under that skimpy skirt. Let your nipples communicate under your transparent night gown. Undress before him in a lewd manner before your
step into the bathtub and show no sign that you care.  Partly open your lap while dabbing your body with towel and look away, as if there was nobody in the room with you. He would cancel the next meeting just to be with you. Trust me.

2.       Be in Charge of Your Emotion
Don’t freak out. Hold back some of the romantic vibes he may desire and get to release them for a surprise. Don’t just fall to making love to him as he comes asking. Make him practically beg for more by luring. By doing so, he will always get arouse thinking of the last time you both made love and wouldn’t want to wait, a second, to have you again.

3.       Try to always Maintain Nice Figure
Men love it when their women are structurally presentable. Don’t lose your shape to complacency. Many ladies have the ability to keep in shape but because they are married and with children, they relent and think their men would understand. Well, if you ask me, I would say that’s the reason why he never would like to attend cocktail party with you. Men love to present their model-shaped women to friends, colleagues and business partner. So don’t just be interested in being a house stock, strive to always be your husband’s date too.   

4.       Use a Perfume to Amplify your Persona
The fragrance a woman wears is, often time, the factor of arousal for her man. Have a special perfume you know turns him on whenever he gets closer to you. Odour is a thing that turns emotion down. When you finish fixing his plate, don’t appear at the dinning until you shower and wear his favourite fragrance. More importantly, never go to bed without first cleaning up and smelling nice.
5.       Be Sensitive Enough to his Emotional and Intellectual Needs
Aside from giving him even more satisfaction than he ever imagines in bed, don’t be too dumb to be a dependable adviser to him. The reason why some men marvel at the intelligence of other ladies is because their women have never given one before. Do you know you are more intelligent than any other lady out their when it comes to knowing what is best for your man? The problem is you don’t think you really are. Do you remember the last time you complained about your husband to his friends or parents and they were like, ‘Oh!  He really did that too?’. Why are they surprise? It’s because they will never know him as much as you do. So, whenever he comes to you for advice on what to wear, read, watch, eat or drink, don’t say, ‘I don’t know.’

6.       Respect Your Man
Though, many ladies don’t know that every man is a king in his home and would love to remain so. Kings give and never take order. When he tells you to put on a dress, don’t say you’ve got another plan. It might just be that, that’s the way you could ever look sexy to him again. Don’t ever consider his idea too obsolete for you, remember, all you are trying to do is have him all to yourself. So you should respect his opinions too. It’s the best way straight into his heart.

7.       Always Boost his Confidence and Ego
Contrary to what many say about what happens when you try to appreciate a feature that distinguishes your man from other men, it’s the best way to keep him proud of you. Be candid enough to tell him how much you love his blue eyeballs, dark hair, uncommon height, white set of teeth, etc. also don’t forget to express how grateful you are to have got such an honest, intelligent and creative husband. By so doing, you will get him always come for more quality saying about himself. In addition, he would always try to keep up the good testimonials too.

8.       Don’t hide the truth about your man from him.
Tell him how badly dressed he is before he leaves for work and try to proffer solution. Don’t allow others to play your roles for you. Tell him the way he treated his friends, parents, or business partners is never good enough. It’s safer to hurt with the truth than pacify with lies. However, in doing this, you don’t have to be judgmental. Present it in a way that you don’t look as if you were taking side. 
9.       Encourage and praise him
Don’t ever take his kind gesture towards you for granted. Always celebrate him. Even after a good sexual intercourse, you are to express how great you loved it with him. Encourage him for making an effort and going all the way just for you. Appreciate the fact that he expresses his love towards you. Express how proud you are to have him as you husband. This will give him a sense of confidence and security. It will encourage him to impress you more.

10.   Be the Major Part of the Fun in your relationship.
Don’t be dry when it comes to fun. Be moderately full of fun. Break new grounds. Try new things in your love making with him. Give it to him raw. Don’t be conservative about it, he is your husband. Don’t be traditional; try new places for holidays and vacations. Watch movies together and discuss favourite characters, places, colours, brands, games etc. Try to play along as a friend too. Keep the variety non-stop! Let it not be a dull moment with you. When it’s not boring being with you, he would keep coming closer.

11.   Pray for him and with him

This is more important. You should know that the spiritual controls the physical, if you know what I mean. Always pray for him and with him. Let him know you also play a major role in his success too. Pray and settle issues in place of prayer together. The say is true that couples that pray together, stay together. Men love it when they have a praying wife. This will make him confide in you more and be free to share secrets with you. With God in your affairs, your marriage has no other choice than to be blissful.