5 Better Ways to Spend Official Leave or Vacation with your Family

Hey guys, are you worried about how your next vacation will be spent? Definitely, the last one was horrible and you wonder what it will be like this time. Remember, all work and no play, makes one worn out of season and shape. If your problem is how to spend your next vacation or leave, don’t worry! This article will do you great help. You see, the singles may not have much issue, spending their vacation to catch a lot of fun. You are married now, with children and you’ve got a lot to worry about. How do I carry them along in my vacation and still have great fun? How do I even handle the children? Hey! There is nothing to worry about rather there are lots of fun, having your family to spend your vacation with. Just consider how to enjoy your next vacation below:

  *Make it a time to date your wife again.
Your next vacation will be a lot fun if you would make it a time to date your wife again. How do I date my wife again? You may want to ask. It’s very simple. Take her alone out to your favourite restaurants, joint, even booker. It does not necessarily mean exotic places, if you are not buoyant enough. Chill out to places where it will be you alone. What about the children? Where will they
be? Take them to somewhere safe or someone you trust. Then hand around. If possible, book a hotel room far away from home for weekend and try new sexual positions. Just make it you both alone. You can even go check out new/latest movies at the cinema.

  *Make it a time to play all kinds of play with your children
Children are bunch of fun only if you would bring yourself down to do the games they love to do. You would enjoy spending more time with them after realizing how fun it is, playing their kind of game. Therefore, you can try out a couple of game with them. It may be hiding and seek, jumping on a bouncing castle, playing football on a muddy ground, catch me if you can game, etc. this will make you’re the kind of father they desire. Aside from that, you will be greatly loved and respected by them.

 *Visit memorable places with you wife and children
There are some places you would have loved to visit with you family. Your children and wife would have loved to visit such great places with you as well, as this will build a great and memorable event of their lives. Why not use your vacation to achieve that and become a super hero? You can visit historical places like museum, water fall, parks, and cultural centres. Also, if you can afford it, why not travel to Paris, Australia, Madagasca island, or your village to behold beautiful places and nature in its grandeur. They won’t ever forget to appreciate you for it. you will enjoy it too!

 *Make it a time to stay more with her in the kitchen
Hey guys, I personally, do not joke with this. It’s always fun to be with my wife in the kitchen, if you know what I mean. It one of the places, a woman would love to treat her man as a royal guest. Women loved to have their man around in the kitchen – to help them chop vegetable, reach out for spoon, or knife and most importantly, to cuddle from behind. It’s even not a bad spot to make love. Make your next vacation a time to spend with your wife in the kitchen and you will realize one of the strong rooms of marriage.

 *Make it a time to study the Bible and pray together with your family
It is really true that a family that prays together always stays together. More also, the best way to have your children have the fear of God is by studying the word of God together. It’s true that your work has kept you a little busy for thorough study of the Bible and prayer with your family. However, let this vacation be a time to make up for the scanty times. Remember that you are the God ordained pastor of your home. So use this next vacation or leave to learn more about God’s love with your family and also to ask whatever you need in prayer with your family.