God has made it is a thing of endowment for every human to have dignity, and standing on one’s dignity automatically means insisting on being treated with due respect. Everybody, man or woman, deserves this, except anyone that is not capable of rational reasoning. A man is to love a woman with due reciprocal respect and treat her as uncommon as she is, because she is his help ‘mate’ and not an object to batter or abuse before friends and family by a brute. Though, Ephesians 5:22-24 encourages women to obediently submit to their husbands, but not to a bully who ignorantly forgets that God made his wife, his mate. She should be treated with all respect because without her, he is never going to succeed in life. She is a help mate, God made her so! A woman does not have to give up her dignity as a human being when she becomes a wife. Neither should she watch her dignity trampled on by an unruly husband.
I hope you would not judge this article from a feminist point of view, but learn from the virtue of the truth (John 17:17) it communicates. The book of Proverbs 23:23 enjoin us to buy the truth and sell it not! The truth is not always palatable to one’s hearing, but it is most wise not to ignore but invest in it. It is the purest source of life. God help us, the strategist to be able to conclude once and for all. However, if it has to run onto another volume of publication, it shall still be to the edification of the body of Christ. Therefore, we would advise our readers to follow the pace of wisdom as led by God, the all-knowing.
Where are we? I guess still on the issue of justifying our dear Queen Vashti. I would say that Vashti was a proud wife that a reasonable husband would be proud of. I know some of my readers would say, “What?! Has this guy gone out of reasonableness?” But I want to tell you that she was far much more reasonable than her husband, Ahasuerus who, even as a king, did not know how to treat his wife’s fabulous beauty. Reason is he allowed a group of drunks to preside over his matrimonial affairs to turn the wife of a whole king, who was the lord of lords over many provinces into a carousal dancer, somewhat unimaginable, right? What a worthless king indeed! I know some of you would gullibly believe what some preachers would say God made it so. But believe me, honestly, God does not do or plan evil towards His creatures, whether saved or unsaved, He only overrules evil. Let us make something crystal clear here. It is true that God knows everything but He is not a party to everything that happens to human beings. God did not make Ahasuerus drunk. God never laid it in his rotten heart to manipulate the outstanding beauty of his wife before alcoholic gluttons. But God remained in his ignorance while he and his crowd of lords indulged in their carousal demand. Of course, a reasonable wife like Vashti would not incline to such drunken stupidity because there is no difference between a mad man and a drunk. A mad man does not have any control of his reasonableness, so does a drunk.
Vashti could accurately reason because she was not a drunk. She did not have to parade her dignity before those subjects of alcohol because that is clearly not what beauty is created for. Men should know that to hold a woman’s love is a work that takes a lifetime. It is not a thing to be treated as you feel! And so, the wise queen refused to have the dignity that was meant for her and her husband to be down trodden before drunks. If the king could be so foolish enough to be an indecisive instrument under the influence of fools on how to manage the affair of his home, then he was not worthy to be obeyed by a wise wife. While Vashti blatantly refused the whim of the king, God overruled the circumstance for the deliverance of the Jews who could no longer stay under the authority of an indecisive husband and king, because they are holy nation.
It is quite unfortunate that not every woman knows her beauty is not an instrument of adultery but divinely given for the deliverance of her generation. She would flaunt it and make herself a subject of ridicule before a bunch of fools who would tread on her dignity with words of foolishness. Vashti was beautiful. She knew what to do with her beauty. She was never a foolish wife who would choose to please the drunken king’s desire and cause to anger, the giver of her beauty. She was a heroine and a mental liberation for other wives in her time. In so much that before Munican could advise the weak king on how to manage his home and empire (Esther 1:16-21), the wives and women had already knew their right in the Lord, the giver of beauty. Though, Vashti, to some thinkers, lost the crown but I would say she only left the throne of shame for the garden of grace. Do not be deceived, your virtue, as a human, is never in the position you occupy but in every decisive stand you can independently take as a rational being.
And on the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine…” (Esther 1:10-11). Solomon said, “Wine is a mocker”. After seven days of alcohol, Ahasuerus made the funniest verbal slip that he ever lived to regret. How could he have done that? Women’s beauty is never for show before the fools or inglorious drunks. The beauty of every woman is the presence of the Lord with her and therefore will be outrightly unholy to parade God’s presence before stinking drunken fools. He forgot that a king is only honorable when there is a wise queen. Fortunately, the God of the Jews, the living God, overrule the circumstance with another presence of His with Esther for the deliverance of His people. But the king regretted his foul decision made under the influence of alcohol because he knew afterwards that he had lost a great virtue (Esther 2:1).
For that beloved husband who think that as long as the Bible supports the subservience of his wife towards him, he could do and undo with the beauty of his wife. Have you not realised that you have being fumbling with God’s presence on your wife? You would always quote the Bible wrongly, telling her that she must do your dogmatic will because the Bible says it. “Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord” Ephesians 5:22. Though, you always quote the b-part of the verse to compel your wife to obey you against the Lord. Every wise wife must obey her husband as unto the Lord _ she must not do what the Lord would not have her do because of her husband. Do not manipulate the presence of God on her for your selfish interest.