Land Nurturing People Nurturing life

Land oh land!
Sustainer of the living,
Keeper of the dead,
Master foundation on which the universe sits,
Beginning and the ending of all creations and man,
The creator made you.

Oh land!
The creator made you
Just for man and man for you
You feed man till he is hungry no more
And willingly allow him an eternal place of rest,
Right in your bosom,
At the dusk of his journey.

A nature, ambivalent in nature,
The glow on faces that deal hand-in-hand and
A cloud on others’ that deal frowardly,
You are never bias, you only give back what man gives.
You concede man’s wastes to give his aids.
An invaluable companion you are.
The creator made you for man and man for you.

Sweet land!
The creator made you
To make man.
You remain a friend never to be deserted
You feed man while he tills you

How more compatible can you both be
To make a survival?