Wale and I never stopped defiling each other secretly, until one fateful afternoon when mom had to come home earlier than normal. Before then, I had left school pretending I was sick. I met Wale in the sitting room and without a word, he drew me close and we began fumbling with each other’s sexual parts. We undressed each other, just as if the whole house was ours, flinging each other’s cloths everywhere. We enjoyed the liberty and practiced everything we had both watched on his laptop. I became his whore and moan aloud. After countless rounds, we both got exhausted and fell deeply asleep. Mom walked in unnoticed and saw both of us lying nakedly on each other. Her bewildered scream woke us back to life and we started looking for something to cover our nakedness because we were both ashamed.

Mom sat us down and began to cry. Saying why have we decided to bring shame to the family? The dinner, that night was the worst I have ever had because Wale’s mother and father were also present to rain manners of abusive words on us. I was just praying it became over soonest. Wale left with his mother that night and I went to my room coiled like a wounded snake on the bed. I was not feeling any regret for what we have done, nothing changed or affected the feeling I had for Wale. Wale became my bad habit and I was not willing to let go. After a while, I sneaked out of school uncaught and went to Wale’s place and luckily, I met him and his friends at home. They excused us and left for their homes. 

“What about your mom and dad?” I asked, facing the floor because I was a little ashamed as much as I noticed he was too.

“They’ve left for work.” He answered shyly.

After that, there was a long silence between us. None of us knew what to say next. Whether to apologize or point accusing fingers. The silence was becoming unbearable. So I summoned all the courage I could get to say why I came.

“Let’s get married.” I said.

The expression I saw on his face, hearing my words, was as if a robber pointed a gun at him. It was obvious he never prepared for this. But the fact is I love him now. The condemnation we received daily from our parents made me believe we could not go back to our normal life again, because there seemed to be no hope for us.

“How can that be possible? You are still in the secondary school and I am just in part two in the University, who would believe we are not crazy? See, I am afraid we have to stop right here and forget anything ever happened.” He said.

With those words, I felt, for the first time, that he was cheating on me. 

“What do you mean? Forget what? Ho…oh…that means you have been seeing another girl and you want to leave me to face the world all alone, abi? I thought you said you love me, why would you have to change your mind? I will kill whoever the girl is. Trust me!” I said and started crying.

“Stop it joor! I have not been seeing anybody. I love you. I would love to marry you but what will the world say about us? Do you think it is easy denying one’s true feeling? Stop crying now…” he said. But I refused to stop crying. I wanted to hear more of his confessions that he truly loves me.

“Ok. I promise to marry you if you would gain admission next year into the University. By this we will both be away from home and continue without any of our parents noticing us anymore. He said. 

I stopped crying so quickly and looked at his face to confirm the genuineness of those words I had just heard. He looked determined and I was convinced he meant it. I left his place after I managed to pull away from his warm hug and went home with a glow on my face.

I went straight to my room, searched out all the books I would need to pass well in my WAEC, JAMB and POST-UTME and began to read. I cut off with unserious friends and would always be found in the school library. I had a goal, and I was prepared to get it at all cost. Dad began to notice the new me and decided to buy more relevant books thinking, I had repented and turned a new leaf. Mom still acted a little hostile but was convinced I have become more serious with my academics. That year, I had the best result so far in the whole Oyo state. When Wale later came home for session break, I showed him and he was very happy and also confident that our plans would work out. The following year, I scored 350 in JAMB and 315 in POST-UTME. I wanted to study law and I got it so easily with my unbeatable scores into the University of Ilorin.

Wale was at Obafemi Awolowo University but he would always travel down to Ilorin every two weeks to check me up. None of my friends recognized him as my cousin. Many of my friends even envied our relationship and would love to be us. When I got to part three in the University, I got to know that there was a course in the faculty called ‘Family Law’. Finally, I have got what I need to defeat our parents, I thought. And I became Wale’s legal adviser on family and marriage matter. He seemed to believe me against all odds now. When we got to a certain point in the course where we discussed the consent of parents in marriage, I realized Wale and I could get married without them. So I lied to a few of my friends that our parents didn’t just want us together for any just cause. They all agreed to act as our witnesses while we went to court to tie the knot.

It was not long after Wale’s NYSC that I also graduated. Before I went for Law school, I tried to convince mom that even the Bible supported what we were doing. I said, 

“Abraham married his sister, Isaac and Jacob married their cousins, so why are you discouraging us?”

She got up and slapped me in the face and made it clear in anger that I was going to regret it. The sting from her slap went straight to my brain and blocked all sense of reasonableness. I could not think straight. I knew something was wrong with the way I thought. I no longer considered anything around me. I think I was emotionally going gaga. I wished somebody could just wake me up. I have drastically kept in mute, all voices warning me against all insanity. I just wanted to be me. I wish it was only me in the whole world – no rules, no religion, no law, no customs, no culture, no moral principles, no conscience, no nemesis, if possible, no God – just me! But I was wrong. 

When Wale’s dad finally knew we were still together, he developed cardiac arrest, slumped and died at the same spot. My dad also could not wait to be molested in mockery and so he walked in calmly and poisoned himself. As if that was not enough a calamity, our mothers became hospitalized for mysterious medical reason. I and Wale had to run away in shame because we could not even stand the presence of our siblings. We ran to the East. After settling down for about a week, I fell so sick and was taken to a nearby clinic. The doctor we met there after diagnosis and treatment ignorantly blew the alarm that I am with a baby. He said it has been three months now. Wale sank right on the ground; uncontrollably wailing as if he just got the news that his parents were dead. Right on the hospital bed that I was, I was confused on what to do. Should I join him to cry or console him as others around us who never knew why he was crying? Please tell me, has nemesis suddenly caught up with us?