I have always wanted to attend weddings with my fiancée, Abimbola. Not for any serious reason but just to make her see how honest every spouse seems doing the vow thing. Emotionally, I just can’t stand the tears that roll down my pricked heart seeing the face to face confession of love. I wish I could make her see the genuineness that envelops each word that comes out from the sincere hearts of each spouse. I just can’t imagine variableness in it. It’s quite understandable if it were to be dealings such as businesses, contracts, even political swearing in of the elect. But, there is something so special about the vows one takes in marriage. This is because, it’s a commitment, either party does not think, hereafter, of a part way, retirement or departure. Those who are already married through this process can bear me a bunch of witnesses. It’s a moment; one forgets the truth is escaping through the same mouth that had let out prevarication to the gullible victims in times past.