LUST and LOVE ***Episode V***

As much as I hated nightmare, due to the spiritual attachment that has summed up to become religious beliefs here and there, I couldn't help but loved this. I found myself right back on the spot where the #chickito was taken away from me with that 'charriot of oppression' you people call fancy car.

God so good. Now, I was the one inside the very beautiful car, pulling over by her side to say,
"hi, beauty goddess, what are you doing out there? Come inside and let me rescue you from this scorching sun..." I pompously said and I couldn't thank my luck enough as she didn't hesitate to jump right in.
"Thank you sir, you are a life saver! I had actually been there for over an hour." she said with ladies' usual gesture.
"EH YA! You's a pity. People like us have been endowed with the gift of rescuing innocent ladies like you from suffering, most especially, the beautiful ones like you" I said as I #tapped #current by gently touching her cheek.
She smiled willingly and didn't complain at my flirting proposals towards her. It was then I began to wish she would agree to spend some time with me to be able to explore. And so I softly asked,
"Where will you alight, my beauty"
"Your way, sir. Anywhere you wish us to go is most ok by me" she replied, teasingly, with one of her fingers between her lips. #mo #gbe! My heart nearly jumped out from my mouth for surprise and happiness. Sincerely, I have been doing ladies, but hers was too 'straight to the point'.
I began to think fast. 'will a hotel room do? Or should I take her to my house? Which one o?' Immediately, my already rotten mind responded, 'se u get #15,000 to pay per night ni? Why not take her home and enjoy enough nights together free of charge?' #bingo! With a glow on my eyes, I smiled at Her and she replied with a blown kiss in the air.
'Come o...what if Shade comes to meet her in my house?' I held my lips with my finger, as if I was catching her kiss, but was actually thinking of where to place Shade. My mind quickly replied, 'Shade remains ur cousin, that's all!' Ok.
I cracked my throat to break the silence and added, "I do have a naughty cousin, living with me now o, but she doesn't always stay at home. Most times she goes to stay with her friends. You may luckily meet her before you go sha. I just felt I should tell you; you know, you women?" I said jokingly to clear the line of lies away from my face with a big smile.
She submissively didn't say anything, just a smile. 
As I packed the car and asked her not to open her door because I wanted to open it for her, just like a queen, I felt someone give me a hard hunch on my head and when I opened my eyes, it was the furiously flaming Shade I saw standing over me. It was then I realise it was just a dream.
"Oh...oh! Which of ur stupid whores were you talking to in your dream. Fine, it has now become so spiritual for u. Kunle! Dem take women swear for u? My God! So I have always been your cousin to those girls you fuck around? Answer me!" she barked.
#chai! So I have been talking aloud from my dream and nobody could slap my slumbering head out of that dream, before Shade could find out. Wetin I go tell her now?