LUST and LOVE ***Episode IV***

Women with their palava sha! I sincerely don't know how some men cope with two or more of them as wives. It's just that, it has been programmed that men won't be able to do without them. If not, I for even say na punishment God, maybe Devil sha, take them do for men, or probably for men like me wey no dey take eyes see wetin curve for woman #bakazi.

The state I was on that okada, was critical. My heart was panting beyond fast and my head was aching. In short, I was already running temperature. #on #top #wetin #now? I could not forgive myself for missing my target on that lady and more pathetically, I was going home to meet trouble.

Shade has lies detector. It might not be working against everybody but me. She knew how to do it better. Sometimes, when I knew I could not escape, I would just turn it to argument that would never end in ten years. Guys, you know now?
But this time, I had got a lot of stories to tell o. Was it for my dirty clothes or my not been able to had arrived home after the donkey hours I'd  left her place in anger? How do I start the lies self? I thought.

To worsen the matter, the bike man did not even allow me enough time to think as he just  got me right in front of Shade at my facade. Come and see red eyes. She was already boiling, as if I knew. But I composed my self enough, not to attract attention, not even the bike man's, because our house was a mini-barrack.
"How much b my money? I gently pushed out the words from my already shaky lips.
"Oga na #100" he replied.
"ok." I hummed as I began to find money from my pocket. It was then it occurred to me that I had blown, in the air, the last #200 with me. "chai!"

I turned to Shade with a sick expression and helplessly asked,
"Honey, do you have #100 change there? I will give you once we enter."
She didn't hesitate, as if that would make her forget her anger towards me. She stretched the naira note without a word and as the bike man turned around and rode off, I heard her heavy rain of countless questions charrioting into my head,
"Kunle! Where were you coming from...when did u leave my place...which of ur slots did you branch her place...what made your clothe this dirty?"
Right on the very spot I was, I was already shaking from within but I kept my composure. As I was about to turn towards her, an inspiration just blew into my skull. I looked all around and made sure that it was only Shade and I that was outside, then, I just turned and fell on the ground as if I had got a broken limb.
"Kunle!, what is it? Ha! Honey, please get up. What happened to you. Kunle please don't break my heart...don't make me cry...please get up" She began to sob and plead like a mother with her only  fainted child. #Walahi it didn't take her ten seconds to reach me and try to buttress me up.
"Just help me up, I will be fine." I coolly muttered.
She quickly helped me up and shouldered me in. Before I knew it, she was already suggesting hospital, hot water, and other therapies.
Come and see lie by action! It is true that action speaks louder than words. I just sat on a couch and watch her petting me for food and other goodies. She was even too afraid to ask what had caused the accident that led to that. Good enough, my clothes were already dirty, just like someone who fell off a runing okada.
Was this not the ranting Shade I met just now? Thanks to the east wind that blew that deception into my skull. It came just at the right time. What could I have given as excuses?' I thought as I sunk into the couch I was sitting on to relax.

I layed my head to rest from the #wahala I had taken myself through for that day. Shade was still in the kitchen putting thing together. As I dozed off, guess who I saw again?