LUST and LOVE ***Episode III***

I wished some magic could just appear like two great hands and draw us together like those king and queen on the chess board, to close this seemingly wide gap between us. At a point, I was wishing she could just ask me a favour,
"Hello please, I just realised now that the money I have with me might not be enough to fare me home...
Oops...please can I talk to you for a moment? I just found out that my uncle I was going to his house had travelled to Abuja. Please, can I pass the night at your place?..."
what more on earth was my crazy mind not dreaming about this goddess?

It got to a time that it seemed as if the air too was on hold because I was sweating beyond normal and I found out my fingers were shaking too. For what now?! Hadn't I seen beautiful girls before? It's not even as if Shade 'carry last' when it comes to beauty. As a matter of fact, my guys always commended me for 'carrying eyes go market' because Shade was one of the most beautiful on campus which I knew but the snake between my legs no dey see any creature with curvy shape behind them. Abbah! Na swear?

As I was gathering courage to approach this beauty, after too many a tutorial from my crazy mind, a stupid car just pulled over her side and she majestically entered and placed herself at the owner's corner. Fifteen minutes, after the car had left; I was still staring at the empty space with my lower jaw fallen off my chick. I never stopped cursing the stupid driver.
 "wetin I do am bad belle dem. When dem don get money through yahoo, dem go dey take am dey oppress the poor masses..."
these and more were coming from my mind against the driver, as if what I was doing was right too.

Before I knew what was happening, I had suddenly found myself inside the gutter I was standing beside after my phone's ring tone startled life out of me. I quick rose up from it. Thank God there was no water in it but I was a little dirty now.

Guess who? It was Shade.
"Hello, love" I calmly responded because she must not suspect what was going on with me.
"I am at your place right now: where are you?" she sounded like there was trouble again.
"I am just at the neighbourhood, I went out to buy something. Give me few minutes, I will be with u."
I waved at the next available okada without negotiating, I ordered,
"take me down the street!"