LUST and LOVE ***Episode II***

As if I was hypnotised, I sheepishly followed her. Again, I heard the rest of the passengers in the cab chorused,
"wait and collect your change now!"
but I waved without looking back at them,
"keep the change joor and don't pour sand inside my garri." I muttered without anyone of them hearing me. I sha kept my track with this charming angel.

All was well with the shape of this lady, even from her behind, her figure eight was distinctive. I don't know if you have seen two round apples placed upon each other base-to-base before. Her round hips did not lie, aside all of this, she was slightly tall, just like an athlete. I thought I was the only one hypnotised by her uncommon shape until I saw a woman slap her husband for uncontrollably gazing back at the lower part of her behind. Even women and ladies at the bus-stop could not help admiring this masterpiece.
It was then I concluded she must be an angel that had been declared missing in Heaven. Abi which kind girl on this creek could have commanded such kind of standing ovation. It was as if the whole world, even the time self, stopped dead at her appearance.

Come and see 'hold up' on top say this girl dey pass. An 'Okada' rider had to voluntarily ride in a gutter beside the road when his face was already glued to her behind. Thanks to the luck that he was not with any passenger. Vehicles were kissing like slots on the Allen Avenue street. I, myself was never discouraged by these countless competitors, I just fixed my gaze and was pacing after her, not too close ,nor too far from her. Where this would end me, I never cared.

To my surprise, this goddess of beauty never cared. She was just too busy cat-walking to notice men were falling off the road; traders had stopped all transactions and vehicles were now behaving like untamed herds of cattle because of her. I, on the other side, didn't mind too. I was just too busy, seriously following up the rhythm her hips were dispensing, to remember I just left Shade's apartment, where I was prostrating flat on the floor just to explain that the girl she saw me with was a cousin of mine, not another girlfriend I used to cheat with. Though, it was a lie, Tolu wasn't a cousin, she was one of the girls I called for sharp-sharp actions whenever Shade would be travelling for vacations.

She, all of a sudden, stood to make a call and right on the spot, waited as if she had just called her driver to come pick her up there. At this moment, all confidence and technics that I used in wooing every new 'catch' on campus waved me bye-bye as I stood beside her, pretending I was waiting for an Okada too. My thighs became too heavy that I could not lift them to close the metres between us, and my lips were tightly locked up with fear, just like the then western slaves on the plantations of their white slave masters.

At this juncture, though my mouth could not utter a word, my mind was already pushing me hard,
'Go and start up with "Hi, we boarded the same cab, remember?" at least, it's a brave way to start. She won't kill you joor' my mind was telling me. 

To be continued