LUST and LOVE ***Episode1***

I was just going to stop thinking about Shade and her palava, right inside the cab, when I noticed this clean and beautiful chickito that entered through the last door, directly behind the driver. Should I say her stinging beauty gave me temporary 'memory blackout'? If there is anything like that sha. But sincerely, you won't believe it that I suddenly forgot all my pain and worry about Shade.

I imagined whether she was a lost or wandering angel on the planet, Earth because I  couldn't think of any set of parents that could have such combination of beauty, produced in one, without any 'BUT', at least one.

My heart was pounding, I wish she was seated right beside me and that made me detest the intercepting passenger. I would have asked the privilege of sitting close to her but fear would not allow me. I had almost forgot everything, including my bus-stop until she sonorously said to the driver,
"Cele-rainbow wa o, driver!"
that was when I realised we would be alighting at the same bus-stop. I quickly thank my luck and Jumped right down after her in order not to lose sight of her.
I had not taken two steps away from the cab when a cracky voice awakened my entangled sense,
"eh! Owo mi da!!" it was the cab driver.
I had completely forgot that I haven't paid before jumping after my estranged angel.
"Oh! E ma binu... How much?" I pathetically pleaded.
"#50! Se u go say u no know ni, abi u wan play ur father for house?" he roared.
Ordinarily, I would have replied him but I didn't want to lose sight of this dashingly beautiful angel. I quickly removed #200 from my back pocket but as he was taking the time I didn't have in looking for my balance (change), I left him and pursued my goal for the day.

To be continued...
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