Sisi Pelebe ***Saga 2***

"Morning sir, can I help you?" I said confidently, knowing too well that he couldn't have caught me watching my X-rated film. I had always taken into perfect considerations every means I could have been caught and had long prevented them from happening. My curtains were never rolled and my TV set's volume was always on low key with its remote sticking to my palm to turn off whenever there was a sign of somebody coming into my room.

"Is this Chief Buhari's house...are you his daughter?" he asked.

"Yes. But how may I help you? He has gone to work and might not be back until evening. Any message for him when he comes back?" I responded briskly because he was already keeping too long with me, I needed to get back inside quickly. I couldn't wait.

 " message. Is you mother home or any elderly fellow that I could see?" he inquired with an expression on his face.

"Nobody except my humble self. Tell me whatever it is and I would tell daddy once he comes back." I impatiently responded. I was even willing to give him money, if that would make him just go and leave me to continue with my #sex film.

"OK. How hold are you now? Or better still, can you give me mom's mobile number so that she can meet us here?" he persisted.

What is all this now? Why is this man wasting my time with rubbish? If it's money he wants, like his colleagues that always flock around daddy every Saturday, let him just tell me, I thought.

"Sir, whatever you want to say, please say it to me. I am eighteen and old enough to remember to give daddy whatever massage he has whenever he is not at home" I said with all anger and seriousness.

"It's your dad. He was involved in a fatal auto crash this morning and he didn't survive it. His body lies in the State Hospital morgue" he said.
It was a punch I didn't see coming. I fell right on the ground as if my skeleton was extracted from my flesh.

"Young lady! Young lady!!" were the words I heard last when I saw the policeman bend over me to lift me.