Sisi Pelebe's Saga ***Saga1***

Hi, for those who care to know my story. It's never a linear plot though, because it comprises a combination of the stitches from my past high-life. I hope you would not only enjoy, but learn from what I call my past #woe. Thank God for the availability of His grace, I would have long been dead with my parts distributed on different grooves.

Let's start like this. I was just a pampered little girl who got almost all she wanted. I loved my father being around so I could get all my wanton wishes fulfilled before the twinkling of an eye. Though, I wasn't his only child, luckily, I was the only long awaited female child. Coupled with the fact that I was budding into something more beautiful than what my father had ever seen a woman become, I became my father's 'first lady', instead of his wife. My mother often complained about how my dad never denied any of my wanton desires, #none that I remembered, and because of this, my mom emerged my rival. She would often say,
"Chief Buhari, eh! are over-pampering this little girl too much. She will grow spoilt and with severe untamed desires that might latter bring shame to us as her parents o"
Oops, sorry I didn't tell you that my father's name is Chief Buhari, he was a greatly successful trader who used to supply all kinds of fruits to the South-west, where he met my catchy mother, Omolara and decided to marry her. My two elder brothers were given birth to in Kano but since the Boko-haram religious crisis, my father had decided we would remain here in Ibadan. My father was never a Muslim nor Christian, for all I knew before he died, he was a great trader.
Back to my mom's problem about my desires, it got to a time I wished she was divorced with my father so that I could practically marry my father and ward-off any woman around him like bullets proof. I latter found out in Segmond Frod's, (permit my wrong spelling) theory about #mental #development that at #Id #mental #stage, a child could even wish his or her parent dead in order to marry either of them. How crazy!

Unfortunately, my own #Id was becoming untamed till I became close to 30years. Ideally, #Id is meant to leave one at the age of 5-12 before #Ego sets in and later #Super #ego. Mine was a different mental case. At the age of 20, I was still crying for wraps of sweet, Ice cream, candy; things that Babes are expected to have left crying for. Thank my luck, my father was still very much around to satisfy me.
I was dull at all subjects but brilliant at pressing phones and surfing internet for lewd scene and porn acts. That made me stay, almost all the times, Indoor at home and always alone at my corner in school surfing the internet. I used the toilet a lot in school to perform all kinds of masturbation whenever the fantasy of what I had earlier watched came into my head. It was as if masturbation was my secret lover. It took my attention away from other activities in school. I neither participated in A-house nor B, I was always alone and dull, just like some drug addict. All of this continued till I finished my secondary education and had enough time at home alone.
I became advanced in my act. I no longer surf the net alone, I was buying porn video discs. There was an Igbo customer guy that used to supply me with latest.
As I sat to watch as usual one lonely morning around 11 AM, when my parents had gone to work, I heard a rat-tat (knock on the door) on the main door and going down stairs to open, it was a police man I saw.