Sisi Pelebe ***Saga 4*** (RELOADED)

I unconsciously parted my lips for dripping saliva in surprise as I listened to each of their stories. I pitied them because I had never experienced such state of poverty before in my life. But I still could not help wondering how these friends of mine could level-up with us, the rich kids on campus. Truly, education is a means to many ends. To my bewilderment, I was the only one with empathy, they were not even sorry, sober or ashamed at all. To them, they would rather fuck around to stay on campus than become some dirty good girls back in the villages they came from.

I had no choice now. I couldn't resist the offer to follow trend. I was already a spoilt kid, my dad had done more havoc than good to my life with his money. And now, my wanton desire would demand anything, even #sex with anybody. I quickly fell in line with my pals because I loved the idea of #sex and #money. I couldn't spend less on campus and the maximum pleasure I derived from sleeping around. I did ejaculate many times before any of my playboys did because I had countlessly masturbated with every size a dildo could come. I had a big bag for my sex toys, strictly out of bound for anybody. I often used it whenever my roommates had gone to class. It was an everyday dose for me. I could even ejaculate ten times a day. This made my clitoris highly sensitive that just the slit of a finger could cause me to massively explode in two seconds.

I joined the clique and was sure of two paramount things, #money and #sex. Sometimes, I wondered why I had not been introduced to this game earlier because it was as if I was a born-slot to all my ARISTOs. They would always patronize sooner than later because I could practice all I had watched in my X-rated movies. Many big-bellied politicians always patronized us and we would do many of the things their respective wives at home could not dare doing. I would slap their bald heads, draw their long goaties and smack their small and flat boms. It was our intentions to disrespect them and make them look like big fools before us as they beg for sex.
I always treated my customers like sex toys and they would always come back. Just like a tamed wild animals, they were always dependent on me for wild pleasure. I was shameless. I could do anything with any man.
I met a Senator who was bragging that no woman could satisfy him on bed but when I finished with him, he practically became my #Dannyboy. He couldn't resist me or disobey. It was then I realised that the most powerful weapon ever is between a woman's thighs.

I no longer could attend class again because I had got too many a customer to attend to and I could attend to more than five every night. I sometimes would want to shed off some of them to my friends but they would specifically refuse any other slot. I became so popular among notable men in the society and small boys on campus even masturbate with my nude in their imagination. I was very rich too. So rich that I could afford exotic cars but there was no need for that. I already had many beautiful ones that served as sent taxis to deliver me as parcels to different customers.
I only attended the first classes at every semester to mark the face of the lecturer in charge of every course and later would go to their offices for lap dances to pass their courses. My colleagues attended class while I, office for sexual services. Life was so fun until my last night trip.