Sisi Pelebe ***Saga 5*** (RELOADED)

I couldn't be resisted by any man. My shape was that of the Hebrew jar; with my slim waist, round hip and a set of plumb butts, men were driven crazy. I loved the kind of perplex gaze I got from men whenever I walked up or down the street. I would sometime go out in the morning with loosely worn bomshorts and jumpy shirts, just to catch them stop dead at my sexy and half-nude morning parade.
There was an 'Aboki' just at the entrance of our hostel street who enjoyed seeing me dress lewdly every morning. He had to stop transactions to behold my behind for the moment I was passing and I didn't mind. In fact, I loved to see him helplessly gazing at me. Sometimes, he would exclaim,
"kai! Walahi...this girl, I go killi me o"

There was a time I was damn broke. I fought with my faithful customer and decided to sexually starve him for a while as his punishment. He kept calling but wouldn't pick. It got to a time I was tempted to call back because I needed money badly for a latest designer I was just introduced to but I maintained my ego and refused to call him. I kept racking my brain for scapegoats and then, the thought of that #aboki streamed across my dirty mind. With a glow on my face, I strategised which way to start with him.

Earlier, I had heard much about how rich every Aboki could be. Even those selling petty thing could worth millions and aside that, their #kokos are longer than the longest among the Yoruba men. That to me, was an incentive in this deal.

 Aboki never went home. His small shop was also his home. He would sell till 12AM and close himself in Till the dawn of next day. So I watched and was very sure he had been left alone and was about to close when I went to him that night.
"Aboki, do you have condom?" I teased

"kai! Wetin I wan use am do?" he perplexingly asked as he gazed uncontrollably at my half-naked body.

"wetin them dey use am do? Abi you no be man ni? Sebi you too dey fuck ashawo?"

 I quickly accused him and enjoyed the guilt on his face. I move closer and pressed, against his hand, my hard boobs. He became confused and was shaking.

"kai! Aunty. I wan kill me? Walahi...I dey put fire for my body now now." he muttered.

It was working for me. I kept teasing him until he began to practically swear for himself. It was then I asked,
"Aboki, se make we enter?" I was already a step inside his small shop and my palm placed on his magnificently big rod. I silently opened my mouth as I felt his #johnthomas. it's way bigger than my wrist.
He quickly closed the door and window in a split of second and could not help uttering,
"kei...kei...kei...kei..." as if it was a song. He began to shake real good while I enjoyed his helpless condition.

He held my butts tightly against his rod from behind and was shouting,
"I go killi me o...kei...kei..."

I gently pulled him back and said
"Aboki, you will do tire, but first listen to me. I need money..."

"how much. Tell me. I get pflenti moni" he cut in and before I knew it, he reach behind some corner and brought out stacks of #1000 notes, like five and said,

"O ya, make I take wetin I want. If I pfit take all, make I take. I go killi me today...kei..."

I couldn't close my mouth at the sight of money. So it is true, Abokis are even richer than Bill Gate? I thought, as I packed all into a nylon I brought. He thought I was going to take part of the money but I didn't forget a single note. With the look on his face, he couldn't help but accept his humble fate for the night and settled right for the next business. I was completely submissive as I had got What I wanted. He held me from behind and roughly got my already loosed bumshort down my ankle and I quickly stepped out of it. I shut my butts towards him and felt his wild rod between my thighs. I knew it was going to be painful pleasure and I was ready. As wide as my path-way, it was as if someone dept the whole of his fist in my count. I screamed with my eyes almost jumping out of their sockets.

Aboki couldn't hold back and at the same time would not want me to call attention. He then held my mouth with his two palms, just like a bit holds horses' mouth and kept pounding me hard for over 40 minutes. I thought I was going to die. When he finally came, my limbs could not buttress me again. He pushed me out, took his money back and locked up.

I thought I would die, because I couldn't move my legs; I was shaking like someone under seizure. I kept bleeding like a virgin under rape-attack. Before I knew it, everything was becoming blur, dimmer, until it finally was blackout.