Sisi Pelebe ***Saga 6*** (RELOADED)

 'Hey! Young lady, can u hear me?' was the voice I first heard as I was coming around. The ray intruding from the window so stung my eyeballs that I had quickly to turn my face away from it. It was then I noticed all kinds of medical diagrams on the wall and I thought within myself,
'could this still be my room sha? Who pasted all these on my walls and where are my sexy wallpapers?'
 As I tried to raise my right hand to rub my face in order to see clearly, I felt held back by a rope and a very shape pain through my vein followed. A man, who must have been noticing my bizarre, held my arm back and whispered,
"eh!...don't pull off the drip. Its your third pant since they brought you in unconscious early this morning. You've lost a lot of blood. Thank God you made it."

"Why? What happened? I don't understand." I confusingly asked.

"ok, some ladies brought you in here around 1AM. They said they are your friends and roommates.
According to them, you just went out as if you wanted to get some goods nearby but didn't come back till it was getting to the middle of the night. They said they quickly decided to trail you around and as they stepped outside, beside a pole, your body was found, drenched right in your own blood. We had to rescue your life first. They all were here until daybreak and they promised to visit back soon." he narrated.

As the doctor was narrating, I began to recollect my encounter with that Aboki but I kept silent I refused to tell even my closest pal for shame. I just kept weeping and sobbing hard at the story of my life, told by another.

My mother showed up by the evening and requested I was transferred to our private hospital. After I was discharged, she brought me home for proper care and I stayed back at home for about a month. During this period, I could not walk normal, it was as if I had become a toddler again.
It was then I had a moment to think about my wanton living.
'wow! I could have just ended in Hell.' Though, the real idea of hell was not clear to me but I had heard one of our block's S.U describe it to me as a place of eternal pain.
I decided right where I was that I was going to stop filthy living. But before I knew what was going on, I was already in the phase two of perverseness.