5 Cogent reasons why celebrities fail in love

I am just going to be a little frank. Moreover, you should know I am only trying to help. Hence, I sincerely do not have any celeb in mind. Come to think of it, there are numerous failed marriages, so you are covered. #wink. Believe it or not, you do need help. Everybody does when it comes to their relationship. The commitment is way too heavy not to read this right now. Many celebrities cannot handle fame and relationship in one basket. They chicken out so easily when it comes to issues of life. Many live lies, not because they really wanted to. It’s just that they are easy for the tough things of this life, one of which is keeping a relationship alive. We now have spread abroad our screens, newspapers, blogs, and other social media, super stars that can never be super model. Can you see now that you need help? The following will help rehabilitate you and you love-life.

In life, what you spend your time with will determine how you spend your
life. Time is life! You don’t want to be a nerd, do you? Why didn’t you know that whatever we build in life is built with time? When you spend quality time with things, you get quality results. Unfortunately, our celebrities in fashion, music, drama, sport, and several other spheres, fail to realize that life is beyond investing all the time in career, friends and fans, alcohol and partying. Maybe, you should get married to all these things and leave your poor spouses alone. It’s a pity; many celebrities who spend their fortune for colourful weddings cannot afford to spend their time to have a colourful marriage. Isn’t that funny? We’ve had celebrity weddings in Miami, Madagascar, London, Los Angeles, even on the sea, but the limit all these have gone is BREAKUPs. When you spend quality time with your spouse, you get quality marriage, a marriage worthy of people’s envy. You have to balance the use of your time to have a balanced life. It’s a pity that many of our celebrities across the globe do not have good marriage due to their ignorance of what time is to the maintenance of their relationships.

Not wanting to leave and cleave
This is also a great monster in the world of celebrity, inability to leave friends, partying, alcohol, clubbing, whores, independent and reckless living and cleave to one’s spouse responsibly in marriage. Why did you go into marriage in the first place? Was it to show the world how poor and irresponsible you could be in marriage? Bloggers are now cashing in and making fortunes on your stupidity in marriage. Marriage is not meant for boys and girls who think money is everything. And do you know what, one can still be a boy, even at forty. Therefore, It requires commitment. I think the first thing to prepare for, before going into marriage, is how to think like an adult. Adults are not driven by emotional fantasy but are always responsible for every decision they make. If they decide to marry, they will be responsible for staying married. Consequently, before you enter into the wedlock, you were supposed to have counted the cost to know if you are ready to finish well and strong or not. It’s a little pathetic that our celebrities, when preparing for marriage, would spend greater part of their fortune to get the best wedding planner in town but marriage counselor. How on earth will they now know that a man must leave his parents, friends, whores and wayward living and cleave to his wife? That’s what marriage is all about! Failure to do this is failure in love.

Ego is a weakness that cannot keep a sound relationship. Unfortunately, this is an incurable disease that accompanies fame and wealth. And we all know that our celebs are wealthy and famous people. No wonder they fail in love. Ego is a plague. The feeling that you are better off than others, even your spouse is worse than Ebola. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no sin to get rich and famous but allowing it to get into you becomes a virus. Majority of our celebrities are too famous and rich to obey simple instructions in marriage; the instructions they would have obeyed if they were not as famous and rich as they think they are. On the other hand, some would rather buy exotic gifts rather than say, “I am sorry” on their knees. Ego won’t allow a man take responsibility of his wrong. Celebrities across the globe will continue to fail in love until they shed off pride, selfishness, self-esteems, and ego and become naturally humble.
It’s obvious that social media has become the inner chambers of our super stars. They post, factually, all that happen in their marriage to the air without holding back anything. It’s on social media you will know even the colour of their under wears. They flaunt all and blow their marital secrets on air. This is never what marriage is made of. The secrecy of every marriage builds its victory story against challenges. No marriage is perfect, so stop faking thing. That’s why celebrities’ marriage usually falls flat to pieces. Just recently, a female celeb posted, on the social media, how she was beaten by her husband. What could have been resolved became escalated due to wrong comments from different people. She ended up a single mother; her regret. Therefore, celebrities should learn to keep what is supposed to be behind the door of marriage so.  

Not wanting to accept responsibility
Celebrities have the highest number of single parents around the world now. This is, most probably, borne out of their reckless living. The word, ‘baby mama’ became more popular in the twenty first century because of the way celebrities romantic relationships end at pregnancy. Once their girlfriends get pregnant, they dump them, take their babies and get involved with another. How long will this continue? No wonder, at 37, many celebrities are still single with children. When you ask them, “When will you settle down with someone?” their response is usually, “I am not ready yet”. When will they be? The problem is they not wanting to accept responsibility. Many live escapist life. Celebrities should come to take responsibility and correct their emotional wrong. You are not yet a super model until you can manage a successful relationship in marriage.