She is a distraction

[Dealing with infidelity in Marriage]

Hey, you don’t only want to get her out of your mind, but out of your marriage too. Think of that. Common guys, you need help. You sure do. That’s why you are reading this right now. You really don’t want to do this. It’s killing your marriage. Yes, it is affecting your own part of the commitment. It’s a game of no peace – a never caught game. That’s why you cling to your phone more that you ever do to your spouse. Common bro, you need help. You know what you stand to lose, if she ever catches you play hide and seek with her. What about your children? Man, it’s never going to be the same old “super daddy”, you know? That’s why I am here to help. I understand it’s not as if you wanted it this way. It’s just that you are already caught in the thicket. However I have come with some tips that will help you get out of this danger, and more importantly, help you regain your marital bliss. Follow these, and be glad you did.

#Know exactly what you want:
Do you really want this? Are you ready for the loss you are about to pull? Can you really cope with the aftermath? I bet you are not ready. So think! To cheat is real not as
easy as it seems. Not because of whomever you are cheating on, but for your own good, man. It’s only a fool that would give up the happiness of years for just a strange opened lap that lead to damnation. Don’t be fooled by cosmetics, your wife is finer. Beauty is deceitful. Keep a good watch on your emotion with reasoning. Don’t forfeit what you’ve ever lived to build with sweat and blood in five minute. You really don’t want her. She is a crack on the wall of your marriage.

#She is but for a season:
 Do you know that there are four seasons in marriage? Yes. We have the autumn, fall, winter and summer. Don’t be stupid not to know that she can’t be there always as your wife would. That’s why you don’t need her but your wife. She’s only come to spend the summer with you. She met you perfect and decided to dine in your perfection before your leaves begin to wither. She didn’t make you; your wife did. Peradventure, when you go financial or materially bad, she bids you bye-bye. It’s your wife that has experienced it all and has decided to stay, no matter what. She is like a bird that flies off when the tree is cut down or burnt. Be wise!

#She will deform you:
Remember that you weren’t as responsible until you become married to that responsible woman. God made you the father of those beautiful children because she was willing to carry them in the womb for you. She got deformed bearing your children – your pride. Now you are honourable; a proud father and honourable husband of one woman. Why would you want to through that in the mud? You are wiser. Or have you not known that the moment you get caught in her web of adultery, you become deformed completely. Your character will change. You will become a liar, sneaky and hyper suspicious. Consequently, you become the shameful Adam hiding behind the fig tree because he was naked. Your children will begin to notice your inconsistency and become disappointed in you. You may not seem to them the super model you have always been. Therefore, she is capable of making you irresponsible. Beware!

#Her path only leads to destruction:
According to the proverbs of King Solomon,
Let not your heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths. For she has cast down many wounded: yes, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.” Proverbs 7:25-27

Little did you know that she contains more danger that the benefit she poses. She is a time bomb, a disaster in waiting. She has broken countless homes; yours is not going to be difficult for her if you ever subscribe to her ways. She has also successfully given out sexually transmitted diseases to those who claim they are protected using condom. She has killed many in clubs, bars, launch, and parties. She has dashed several hopes, killed many dreams and taken countless lives. You will be next, if you ever subscribe to her proposal. Open your eyes!