I was just surfing the net for news updates when I stumbled on the weird gbengen that happened in Kenya. It was opined that some beautiful and sexy ladies had to abduct a guy, not for ritual or some huge ransom of money but, of all, for sex rape. For crying out loud, ladies turned kidnappers to rape guys. How alarming! Funny enough, in order to address this issue, the government of Kenya had to make it a proposed law, to be sanctioned soonest, that a man should marry more than a woman because the population of women in Kenya seems more than the men’s.

As if that was not breath-taken enough, South African law makers made it a law that adultery and fornication are no longer punishable under the jurisdiction of law. This, I presume, would have happened after so much countless alarming cases of husbands cheating on their wives; wives giving birth to bastards or sexy ladies luring married men into sleeping with them. The resolution must have been because it is quite clear that women are more populous than the men. Demand is simply more than supply! Ecologically, the predators are becoming far more populous than the PREY. What an irony of life!

The severity of this social alacrity never occurred to me, until I tuned to STAR F.M, Ibadan and overheard the lady-presenter doing the opinion pull on a thriving issue that recently happened in Kenya. It occurred that a guy cheated on his wife who got to know after several smartness of her husband. The family decided to step into the matter and settle the rift but the wife refused the resolution of the family and decided to do it her own way by burning down the only car they both earned. 

This wouldn’t have given me any concern but for the first female caller who openly made it clear that…  

“A man is only meant for his woman when he is still right in her matrimonial home, once he steps out; he becomes OKO GBOGBO AYE…”   

Is she correct? If yes how true is that? She even boldly said she trusted her man to cheat and so whenever he is going on a trip, she always inserts condoms into his wallet. 

Which way do we go from here? Should we say a woman who fights over her husband is not wise? Or should it be that husbands take the liberty of women are more populous than men in our society by committing adultery and fornication openly? Can somebody just tell me where should the place of love, respect and security be, if not in marriage? Have we not heard that God is too wise to make a mistake, never even on the account of the creation of human beings? 

“…Male and female, created He them.”

The Foolishness of God is far much wiser than the wisdom of any man. For every man, there is a woman made of one of his ribs. Therefore, I openly dispute the foolishness that women are more populous than men, and so, fornication or adultery so be embraced in our society. The bestiality of men and women is masterminded by the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life and the Devil is the sole pervert of human race. 

Let’s simply put it this way. If we say that the ‘overpopulation of women’ should give birth to adultery, fornication or polygamy, then we will be saying God made several mistakes about Marriage that should be the union between a man and a women or He probably did not know exactly what He meant by the concept of Love, Respect and Security in Marriage. Better still, we may say God cannot be really serious about the sins, adultery and fornication, knowing full well that He had made the mistake of creating women to outnumber men. How contagious is foolishness and ignorance! Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. One might be intelligent and not wise. The intelligence of man has caused him a great deal of foolishness. 

If by intelligence, adultery and fornication are allowed in our society, all in the name of ‘gender-overpopulation’, when life becomes miserable for the married women, same-sex-marriage will be legalised, just like the American society, marriage to animals (bestiality) will be introduced in African societies and before you know it, Sodom and Gomorrah will be fully restored back on earth again. American societies have laid the pathways and foolish African societies are beginning to follow the trend. What a blind, leading the blind!

The original intention of God, the institutor of marriage, is to create a place where Love, Respect, and Security will freely exist. In His perfect plan, He created marriage to build homes, and homes to build the society. Logically, if marriage fails, home breaks and automatically, the society will be destroyed. God has made society from home, and home from marriage, if men fail to love, respect and secure their marriage, the society, at large, is at stake. Let the young ladies, however, wait for their time and stopped destroying marriages so that God will not destroy them. No one should put asunder what God has joined together. When marriage is put asunder, society suffers!